What to Expect When Taking The Property & Casualty Exam?

What to expect when taking the Property & Casualty Exam?

Things to keep in mind before sitting for the Property & Casualty Exam

Are you interested in selling property and casualty (P&C) insurance? You must have a Property & Casualty insurance license to work in the P&C industry.

There are a few things to consider before preparing to take the Property & Casualty exam, though. One can better prepare for this exam with the aid of this.

How many questions will there be on the test?

Knowing what to expect before taking a test is always beneficial. You should be aware of the exam’s structure, the number of questions to anticipate, and the time allotted for it.

The P&C insurance test consists of a total of 150 multiple-choice questions. It is divided into two sections. General insurance knowledge is covered in the first section of the exam. The first portion will cover various insurance products, policy words, concepts, and more. State-specific material will be included in the exam’s second section. You can anticipate tests on state laws, rules, and related subjects.

The P&C exam usually takes potential agents two to four hours to complete. It depends on your location and how well you are prepped for the exam.

The P&C exam’s preparation time and cost

Each person’s preparation time is different. In general, you can anticipate devoting 35 to 40 hours to your P&C exam preparation. You should allow yourself at least a few weeks to prepare.

The price to take the P&C exam varies by state. Each state will impose an exam fee in addition to a license application fee. There may also be a charge for a background check in some states. Exam fees typically cost between $50 and $100, while license fees can reach $200.

Avoid underestimating how challenging the test will be

You have all the necessary skills to ace the P&C insurance licensing test in your state on your first attempt. But don’t anticipate the test to be a piece of cake. States have different pass rates from one another.

Utilise pre-licensing educational programs

You might be trying to get a license in a state where you have to take a pre-license course before you can sit for the property and casualty exam. Even if not, researching pre-licensing programs might be a smart idea. You will learn everything you need to know about P&C insurance in this course, and you will also leave with the skills you need to succeed. Although you will also need to do independent study, the course will assist establish the groundwork and make sure you are going over everything.

Practice tests can be advantageous

Never undervalue the value of the practice test as you get ready for your P&C exam. Before taking the actual exam, try to take one or two practice examinations. Furthermore, when taking the practice exams, make an effort to as closely resemble the test day as possible. Consider how long it takes you to answer each question and any areas of difficulty. You’ll increase your chances of passing the test on your first try by taking these practice examinations.


It is necessary to take and pass the property and casualty insurance exam to obtain your license and start selling P&C insurance. It sounds scarier than it is, just like every test. You can ace the test and launch your career if you have a plan of study in place and are dedicated to it.

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