What are the Requirements to be a Licensed Insurance Agent In Florida?

What Are The Requirements To Be A Licensed Insurance Agent In Florida?

Do you wish to lend a hand to those less fortunate in Florida? Can you strike up conversations with folks from different backgrounds? Licensed insurance agent should know the many plans their firm offers to advise clients on the best option. They must be adept in sales, marketing, and customer service to find and entice new clients. Life, health, auto, and liability are just some insurance policies that insurance brokers may provide their clients.

Licensed insurance agent working directly for insurance companies provides policies from one company, whereas brokers offer policies from many insurers.

Expertise In Dealing With Customers

The insurance business is a service sector enterprise. Working for an insurance agency, broker, or big carrier will allow you to interact with clients. The capacity to talk through a sticky issue or field queries about a complex topic is crucial.

Excellent customer service abilities through phone, email, and face-to-face interactions will increase your chances of success in this position.

Look For Work

Getting your Florida insurance license and passing the necessary exams are the first steps in finding gainful employment. Insurance agents may find work in a wide variety of fields. However, most insurance agents may be classified as either independent or captive insurance agents.

Insurance agents that work independently are just contractors. They operate as a liaison between policyholders looking for insurance and the many insurance providers they deal with. They could have a small salary, but their real pay comes from commissions.

Instead, captive insurance brokers are employed full-time by a single insurer. This is the kind of work that often pays well. However, keep in mind that commissions might be offered as well.


The eligibility to take the test is conditional on the state in which you reside. To arrange your test and apply for your Florida insurance license, visit the website of your state’s Department of Insurance. The majority of states provide online registration for their exams. Fingerprinting is mandatory in several jurisdictions. A cost is associated with reserving a testing slot and taking an exam.

After completing the test, you will be given information on how to apply for and pay for your official license. Please save a copy of your license once you have paid for it. Consider also informing your LinkedIn connections and professional peers of the news. Who is looking for new agents?

How Do I Finish The Pre-licensing Program?

To get your completion certificate, you must:

  • Finish all of the sections of Study by Topic and the associated quizzes. The minimum passing mark for Study by Topic quizzes is 70%.
  • Finish the flashcard drills.
  • Get complete and unrestricted access to all of the video lessons.
  • Get a score of 70% or higher on the practice test.

To Whom Do I Apply For A License?

Complete a Department of Insurance-approved pre-licensing course.

  1. Fill out a licensing application. MyProfile, a web-based application service, is required for all Floridian candidates and may be accessed here.
  2. You should know that fingerprinting is obligatory in Florida. IdentoGO by Idemia fingerprinting is required of all applicants. Visit www.L1enrollment.com/FLinsurance to enroll, locate fingerprinting services, and make payment. Fingerprints must be submitted electronically using LiveScan once payment is received. After signing up for IdentoGO, you can access a directory of available venues. The Florida Department of Financial Services receives the findings of your background check in an electronic format.
  3. Prepare for and succeed on the state license test. Please bring a government-issued I.D. with your name and a picture to your scheduled appointment (such as a driver’s license, passport, military I.D., etc.). Suppose the signature on the I.D. supplied is implanted in an inaccessible location (such as a microchip) or is otherwise difficult to read. In that case, the applicant will be asked to provide an additional form of identification with a legible signature. If these conditions are unsatisfactory, you cannot take your examination.


You may be asking whether there is a need for insurance sales representatives. Is the demand for them increasing? Yes. From 2019 to 2029, the insurance agent market is expected to increase by roughly 5%, creating about 27,000 new positions. Independent insurance agents are becoming more popular, and this trend has increased hiring opportunities for insurance companies.

To sum up, if you are enthusiastic about this field of employment, you should go for it. Whether as a captive agent or free agent, you will almost surely find work in the future. If you already hold a licence from another state, you will need to research whether or not that state recognises licences issued in Florida. Learn more about the licence transfer process if you need to use a licence from another state.

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